Kaley Junkins

Kaley Junkins grew up in a musical house and began performing at an early age.  in high school his band played the songs of his earliest influences, 50's and 60's rock n roll.  feeling he wasn't doing these classics justice, he began writing his own songs and was determined to play only original material.  in college he joined a hard-edged band and was introduced to a wide array of music, including led zeppelin, the black crowes and the chili peppers.  after honing his songwriting skills, he dialed back the volume and struck out on his own with a new band, playing his own original music, meanwhile playing the same music at solo-acoustic shows.  after fronting a string of bands, kaley now focuses on songwriting, recording and performing as a solo artist.

kaley is proud to finally be offering his first full length cd.  complement provides a glimpse into his mind and soul with everly-inspired acoustics and harmonies; occasional orbison-esque falsettos, while page-like guitars are balanced with percussive mandolin.  this combination of kaley's influences are the mere definition of americana music...bluegrass, country and rock n roll set the stage for kaley's unique voice that delivers insightful and provocative lyrics, sometimes dark and foreboding, others times sweet and hopeful. 

complement is definitely a ride you don't want to miss!  Get your copy today!